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Definitely not an event to miss. We will be dancing to the beat whilst providing fresh Popcorn and Candyfloss.

Come along and party with us 12.00pm - 16.30pm on the 4th June.

Mytchett's Community Centre are having a

Summer Fayre and we didn't want to miss out.

Find us there from 12.00pm - 16.00pm on the 29th August.


Dinosaur Day at The Shed

22nd April from 12.00pm until 16.00pm

Bordon, GU35 0DJ 

Join LK Sweet Treats at St Matthews School for their Summer Fayre

2nd July from 11.00am until 15.00pm

Drift Road, Blackmoor, GU33 6BN


Candyfloss is certainly a Christmas Treat. Want some of your own, join us :

November 20th  from 11am-3pm at St Matthews C of E Primary School

November 28th from 12pm-3pm at Potters Gate School

Open day at Everyone Active Whitehill & Bordon. Lots of family fun to be had and of course we will be bringing our delicious candyfloss along.

Saturday 11th September

10.00am - 16.00pm.

Bring the sunshine with you! 


LK Sweet Treats are proud to now be using 100% Biodegradable Candyfloss bags.

It's an eco-friendly biodegradable product which contains a bio-additive that accelerates the degradation process. The packaging will break down into naturally-benign materials in anything from a few weeks to 12 months, the breakdown time depends on the disposal environment (oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress, microbes).

The new bags are food-safe and fully recyclable.

The Shed is coming to Bordon, Hampshire!

Official opening date is Saturday 29th May and what better way to welcome the newest development then with Popcorn and Candyfloss.

We will see you there and on the following dates:

- Saturday 29th May

- Saturday 19th June

- Saturday 3rd July

- Saturday 10th July

- Saturday 4th September